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St James' Church

Methodist/URC, Woolton, Liverpool, UK

In our heart is a commitment to follow the way of Jesus Christ and to share the love of God with all.

Musings from the Manse

This quarter we have a 'guest musing' from our friend and dear colleague Ron Swindells.

Church Weekend, Llandudno

What a wonderful time we all spent and enjoyed together this year at the Chatsworth House Hotel with our usual glorious weather as a bonus. On behalf of all the friends who attended, I want to say a special thank you to all who took any part in the organisation and the participation.

Once again the whole weekend was a time of joy, of loving, of friendship and true fellowship, a time of laughter, of memories, of caring and sharing of uplifting experience and of shared faith.

It was really nice to share time with new friends, some who hadn’t been on the church weekend before.

So, reading this, if you haven’t been on this Church annual highlight why not decide to spend a most happy time with us next year and add to your list of special memories.

Special thanks to Carol and Steve who took such care in ensuring that all the arrangements for the hotel and travel were first class; to Alan for the many roles he undertook, leading us in meaningful worship, in discussion, in caring and in comedy (so glad he survived following his escapades as Ernie as he enjoyed his morning milk round!). We were particularly pleased that he didn’t have a Sunday round otherwise he wouldn’t have had the uplifting and challenging service with communion.

Many thanks and appreciation to Roy and Lynne for the lead they gave to the weekend through their music; to all who took part in the Saturday night entertainment with surprise visits from three Cilla Blacks; Benny Hill disguised as Ernie, (practicalities didn’t allow him to bring his fastest milk cart in the West); the two fetching Tulip girls; those who sang or recited; our very able and amusing compere and so many who presented their talents, and special appreciation to all who led the worship times, the discussion and the times of reflection.

For your 2016 diaries, the Church weekend will be held from 23rd to 25th September. God bless and I add my own personal thanks.

Ron Swindells.